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Project Equality

Men's Domestic Violence Class  Tuesday 12N-1:30
                                                     Wednesday 5:30-7PM or
                                                     Thursday 5:30-7pm

"The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people"   Ashanti Proverb, Ghana

So does its salvation!

$ 65.00 registration + $6.00 for a manalive workbook
Weekly class fee is $35.00 
A limited number of reduced fees are available based on income.  

 Home often is  the most dangerous place a woman or child can be.  Violence is too often a family tradition,  Sometimes we need to get in others peoples' business.  Sometimes we need to tell them to stop!
At Project Equality we teach them how.  Our Manalive program is a  52 week court mandated Batterer Intervention Program.  Referrals are made through Albany City DV Court, various other criminal courts,  county probation departments  and NYS Parole Officers.  , Others attend at the direction of Family Court Judges or Child Protective Services.  Each man must adhere to the program policies as part of his accountability for his violence.  

Men gradually move around the room according to senority.  The men closest to the door are deemed Senior Advocates and have the responsability to mentor the men just coming in.  This gives men the opportunity to learn how to talk with other men in the community about domestic violence.  


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